It’s hilarious how everyone is drawing inverted crosses and pentagrams because of OFWGKTA and that shitty rapper Tyler when they know nothing of the arcane, occult and probably can’t name 3 demons or the significance of the signs. Here are just a few of my favorite fallen angels. Beelzebub, Eblis, Auza, Forfax, Cthulhu, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Baphomet, Lucifer, Loki, Lilith, Harut and Hela.

The phone hung swinging from it’s charging cable attached to the Christmas lights. All the colors continued to blur itself into one another as the phone sung from several perspectives. To one side stood a standing bottle which was in perfect reach of the swinging phone if it worked as a pendulum. 
All that could be thought of was the pendulum at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. But surely an assortment of engineers and scientist spent months on such a large task. There was no way that this object would act as a perfect pendulum. Especially since the swinging now showed decline in speed. It wasn’t until the drugged youth decided to lie down for sleep that an hour had passed by. Just as it strayed from a conscious world an impact was heard. Then followed by a falling bottle and immediately it was known that all the universe was in it’s proper place. 

Perhaps he wasn’t at all trying to stab me. Maybe he just wanted to practice an interpretive dance which involved several thrusting motions with a knife.

It has come to my attention that the only two reasons i’d ever want to be financially successful would be to own one of the only 10 Ligers in the world or to become Batman.

She’s so wonderful which is predominantly true because she is indeed a “wonder” and also “full of wonder” or perhaps i’m just getting too corny for my own good. Monkee scrotum

One day I shall accomplish my dream of becoming a keytarist for a very unsuccessful alternative electronica rock band, fail to pay rent, get evicted, rob an armored truck, get distracted by birdies in robbery, go to prison, and enjoy daytime television in the comfort of my cell.

English Freewrite for the shear purpose of being published online

Not really being a fan of self expression or representing oneself with the word “I” has it made it so that Froylan decided to write this in third person. Also not being a fan of using his own name let’s call him Truff after the wonderful truffula trees and even sometimes Herson.

This tale begins on the monday of a vacation in February. Tuff was told of social gathering being held and he was instructed to provide lighting and music for such gathering. He left promptly at four after quite a large amount of lathering. It was after he had finished setting up the lights and speakers in one room that someone truly wonderful did arrive. One such reason that his happiness did strive.

He had once been quite social and close with such a person who’m he had missed for quite some time. Such a wonderful person that he thought could only be described in matters of rhyme. It had been for quite some time that he had come to the assumption that this person was not quite fond of him being alive. A social interaction is all he wished to derive.

It was after five hours of no eye contact or verbal interaction that the first form of interaction occurred. It was some kind of trouble that the poor Truff had stirred. None the less he had fallen out of a window. He had fallen in much the same way as would a Jimbo. It was also quite lucky that a fire escape was there. She had called his name and after this incident he decided to recline in a chair.

A few more hours would pass with no more interactions. He knew that nothing would change if it were not for his actions. Still he did nothing. And so in return he received nothing.

It wasn’t until the close of the night that he had realized that he had made a fatal error. He hadn’t actually arranged any form of transportation which gave him much terror. But all is well was told by his comrades that he could stay. And of course also staying was this wonderful person which forced Truff and his courage to fray.

It would take quite a large amount of incentive for him to form the first set of words. But soon they came in herds! It was this that he realized how wonderful she really was. All his past thoughts of her becoming a terrible person were not at all the cause. But sadly he knew what would happen at the close of the night. She would go back to her usual tendencies of not noticing he was alive and sadly he was right.

This was my first and last attempt at any form of rhyming for i’m quite sure of it’s awfulness. (For an added effect read the following while listening to “Hands Remember” by Seabear)

In order to reiterate in a form that makes sense let me start over. I set up lights and speakers and friends parties. At one such party on monday a person had shown up who I cared about very deeply for some time quite some years back. Since then I had been given the impression of distastefulness. It wasn’t until this day I realized how much a of a wonderful person I had missed out on but now it is much too late. And it has gone back to the ways of old where one ignores the other. Would I really exoect someone as myself to interact with someone so beautiful? Of course not and now I shall go back to my baking.

In other news iv’e begun to think the only somewhat successful future I can find myself having in the world of writing is becoming one of those cynical reviewers who use humor to hate on everything. It has come to my attention that I really don’t enjoy most movies, books and music. I already find myself doing such a thing and am told I am quite difficult to please so why not? Here’s my review of vow. The concept has been done not only better but dozens of times in the past. I think it was even spongebob or simpsons that had done it much better. I’d much rather regurgitate shards of glass.

If that’s not as unfair, biased and mean enough to be such a reviewer i’m not sure what would be. Now i’m rambling on again. Why teenage emotions why? This female is beyond wonderful in fact I can’t think of any proper adjectives so i’l do it in a manner Seuss would. She is a fantabolouis ranjucket with the greatest assortment of wonderifellouis spectacles displayed from kazoots in their kazunkins!! I too much time on my hands.   

I’m decently proud of what iv’e done with my crapper of a room 

people have actually been posting my stickers :D 

Quick comparison of musician’s ideals

"i’m hungry for greatness… that’s what i’m hungry for. VMAS and grammys that’s my main goal. Fuck this underground bullshit." - Tyler The Creator 

Words of a true asshole. 

"We had a particularly hard decision of how we were going to release the record. On the outside the perception of going with a record label is pretty cool because they say they’re giving you money and what they say they’re going to do is put it in all the music stores. That’s what they claim they’re going to do. We always tried to make something  happen but it always came down to our gut feeling telling us that we would be better of in the long run if we did it ourselves. It meant more to use that we had the freedom, know that we could still do what we wanted even if we had to work a little harder to do it, even if we didn’t make as much money and we didn’t have as much attention out there because that’s not what we were going for. What became important to us was the do it yourself culture without joining the corporate system." -STS9

Words of true musicians.